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Our History

40 years ago Morris “Chief” Bradman made a commitment when he started his business: to stock only the best, name brand products; to give personal service and convenience to his customers; to make sure those customers would get what they want

A lot has changed in those 40 years. Today, Diplomat Trading is a world leader in this highly competitive market. Diplomat Trading has grown to encompass more than 60,000 feet of warehouse and showrooms, thousands of satisfied customers and many millions of dollars of exports. The company represents the finest names of Consumer Electronics, Pro Audio, and Pro DJ.

But some things never change. The Bradman family still runs the business in the finest tradition of family-owned businesses. No matter how much the company grows there will always be an open door to customers. There will always be the commitment to vendors.

Located half a mile west of Miami International Airport, the company has the experience and expertise that will ensure you get what you came for:

  • Experts in freight handling and forwarding: more then 40 years of experience in handling any type of request.
  • Solid financial capabilities and stability: Dun and Bradstreet rated.
  • Everything truly in stock: no “virtual” warehousing and no delays with delivery.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses with exceptional customer service and expertise of pro and mobile audio products while reducing delivery times by using a truly-in-stock inventory system.